Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Secret 'Burner'

In spite of all of the slagging that I tend to do on Burning Man, I decided that it is time to come clean and admit that I am a 'burner'. I don't know if my heart is really in it or if I just do it for the fashion.
Anyhow, I buy all of my clothing here:
Make sure to click around to get a solid idea of where I come from fashion wise.

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e.nonymous said...

excerpt from IlanioWear...

Where am I supposed to wear this stuff? Some sort of go-go dancer convention?

You can wear IlanioWear anywhere you like. Some suggestions include parties, intimate situations with a friend or two, theatrical events, during astral travel, while performing sacred rituals, and most importantly, with your morning coffee.

...yes, most importantly i am wearing this fahion gold with my morning coffee (and 8-ball of course!)