Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Male balloon busters

I collected some choice adverts from Craigslist.org while searching for employment opportunities over the last couple of months. Balloon busting is an industry in which I have no real experience or have even heard about for that matter. I am a fast learner however, and my ‘can do’ attitude will no doubt carry me through. The job market is forever changing and you must be able to adapt, that is not lost on me. I do have some questions before I proceed, so I thought that I would reach out to my network. Y’all might know more about this than I do.

Male Balloon Busters
(Anyone know why there is a gender requirement? Isn’t that a discriminatory hiring practice?)
Looking for men who enjoy busting balloons--especially by sitting on them--and would be willing to do so on camera.
(I don’t just pop balloons, I bust them by any means necessary and that includes sitting on them, my favourite method).
$50.00 an hour to start.
(The wage is nice, and when he says ‘to start’, I am to assume that there is room for the pay rate to escalate).
This is ongoing.
(That is good, I am looking for a career, not just a one off).
Not looking for professional models.
(Can anyone tell me what professional modeling has to do with busting balloon skins)?
Send pix/email for more info.
(I am somewhat confused as to why a picture is required. There is no association between my physical appearance and my ability to bust balloons).
If you could help me sort out a few inconsistencies in what appears otherwise to be a golden opportunity, I will thank you in advance.

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Lulu said...

sounds like a promising career in balloon fetish videos for looners